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Technologies of the Self’s Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Program is very effective.  If you are truly ready and motivated to quit smoking, and follow the suggestions to prepare for success, you will be able to stop smoking in just one powerful session. Research shows that hypnosis doubles the effectiveness of any other approach, so combining tools intensifies its power!

We will be meeting 4 times for intense 90-minute sessions. The first time is an Intake Session.  We will explore your smoking history and related issues, as well as why and when you smoke. We will discuss the best time for you to set your actual day to quit and go home with a list of recommendations to prepare for success. The next meeting will be a Prepare to Quit Session. You will report your progress with the preparations to quit and return some self-assessments. You will decide on your Quit Date, a week to 10 days in the future and, and you will experience a hypnotic negotiation with the part of you that might try to sabotage your success.

Your actual Become a Non-Smoker Session will then be individualized to fit your own particular motivations to quit smoking and what benefits you see that it will bring to your life. For some it’s to go backpacking in the mountains without being short of breath; for others, it’s to prevent lung cancer, to have better-smelling clothes or to avoid wrinkles. Whatever you tell me, I will use your own words to suggest them back to you, when you are in a deep state of relaxation and your subconscious mind is open to take in the desires of your conscious, rational, health-oriented mind. During your intense session, you will be guided through a number of techniques and visualizations to gain your freedom from cigarettes and start your new healthy lifestyle with easy, clear breathing.

The program is $495 which includes:

1) Intake Session

2) Prepare to Quit Session

3) The Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Session 

4) A Remain a Non-Smoker Reinforcement Recording

5) Follow-up in-person Reinforcement Support Session, additional phone support as needed

Payment may be made by check, cash or credit card.

Call 720-460-0758 to get started on your way to FREEDOM.


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