“My recent hypnosis for healing and spiritual connection with Victoria Bresee was a highlight of my life experience. I made a depth of contact with my Spirit and healing energies of the Self that was rare and unique. Her work is a shining gem in complementary health care.”
– D.B.


“I enjoyed your workshop on the Science of Gratitude a few weeks ago. I’m a psychiatrist, very involved with the newer field of positive psychology, of which gratitude is certainly a vital part. I just bought a few books from your workshop (“Thanks” and “Buddha’s Mind”). Again, thanks for a well prepared workshop.” 
– J.M., MD

Weight Loss

“Victoria, at this time last year, I sat in your chair with 60 pounds to lose. Your reprogramming of my brain (and heart!) changed my patterns and today I am melting away my LAST 15 pounds.  And my relationship with food is different, like in the visualization you guided me through, where I DON’T eat the whole buffet table.  Sending you energy and light as you continue to help good people with bad habits!”
– D.G
“Still chugging along with my weight loss – around 12 pounds now, a healthy rate.  Maybe I’ll make my goal of 20 pounds by Christmas.  Seems irrelevant at this point.  I enjoy the way I’m eating and feeling and my new delicious regimen is absolutely sustainable for the long haul.  Can’t imagine going back to my old way! You’ve been a major (if gentle) force in shifting my thinking and supporting me to reshape my habits.”
– M.M.

Sound Healing Sessions

“Victoria!! That treatment was the best ever!!!! It changed my life!!! THANK YOU!!”

– K.P.


“Thank you, Victoria Bresee. I feel like a much taller, younger woman! Actually, it’s almost like I died & went to heaven! 😘 Your Sound Healing & Energy work is nothing short of miraculous! Seriously, my back feels better than after a hot stone massage & I didn’t think that was possible! My heart & mind are wide open to all the good possibilities this world has to offer! Bless you & thank you again!”


“My enthusiasm for the sound therapy is growing, thanks to you.  There certainly was a noticeable EFFECT after your crystal bowl treatment. I felt encouraged/motivated/undepressed or whatever you should call it, and feel that many would be benefitted by your healing work.” 

– M.C., PhD


Fear of Driving

“My hypnotherapy session with you was so helpful! My driving has completely transformed to the point where my daughter, who visited over last weekend, already noticed the difference. She looked over at me while we were cruising down the freeway and said, “Mom, what happened? You’re smiling!” Thanks so much!”

Google Reviews

“Through her responsive approach, calming demeanor and skillful application of Hypnosis and Neurofeedback, Victoria helped me reach a sustainable state of balance and inner peace. I still have my days but I notice that I’m able to come back to center much more quickly – I attribute this to the work I’ve done with Victoria. I also experienced a Biofield Tuning session, which was powerful and healing. I’m looking forward to future sessions. So grateful for Victoria!


“I have been one of Victoria’s clients for more than a year. She has introduced me to several different modalities and the one which consistently calms my otherwise incessant brain chatter is NeurOptimal neurofeedback. I look forward to the sense of calm and improved sleep that results from each session. Highly recommend this practitioner!!!”
– T.M.

“Through Victoria’s use of three healing modaliites (Hypnosis, Neurofeedback, and Biofield tuning), I experienced a transformational shift from negative behaviors and thoughts. She’s a competent and outstanding practitioner! Thank you, Victoria”


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