Stage Fright

You are opening the letter you’ve been waiting for and overjoyed to see the words, “You are invited to audition.” The excitement lasts a a week or two, as you share the news with your friends and family. But, as you meet with your teacher and choose your pieces and begin practicing for the day to show what you can do, your anxiety starts to grow.

Fear is a protective defense mechanism that brings focus and energy for you to protect yourself from an actual danger. Anxiety is another matter. While a little stress and concern motivates you to practice, just a tad more will start your fingers shaking and make it hard for you to catch a deep breath-just the issues that will prevent you from a great performance.

With Hypno-Coaching for Musicians, offered by Technologies of the Self, you will be able to lose yourself in your score. Not only will your technical ability shine, but you will feel so confident that your passion will flow.

If you’ve noticed how much better you play when you are home alone, you can benefit from the support that hypnotic tools can provide. You will easily forget your environment or who is listening, and your fear of making mistakes and you will find yourself playing or singing, like never before.

Your performance coach, Victoria Bresee, MAR, CHt. has many techniques to share with you that you can use during an audition, concert, or when you are trying out for First Chair. She successfully coached her own sons to win entrance and full scholarships to top-notch art institutes.

You will learn simple tools that you can use to enhance your memory and concentration and to feel relaxed and confident in the minutes before and during your performance so you can show your talent to anyone.

  • Learn self-hypnosis techniques to moderate your brain waves either for deep relaxation or for heightened awareness and focus for a brilliant performance.
  • During guided visualizations, while you are in a relaxed, suggestible state, you will see yourself performing with virtuosity, creativity, and passion, creating the neural pathways to make it happen in real life.
  • Through a simple self-assessment you will learn how diet and natural supplements can support your memory, concentration, make sure that you sleep well, and provide relief from stress.

The basic package includes the Complementary Consultation, 3 Individualized Hypnosis Coaching Sessions, a Recording to use as needed, and 2 20-minute Skype/Phone Sessions to use immediately before an audition or performance-$349.

Call Victoria at 720-460-0758 to schedule your Complementary Consultation and for more information.

In person sessions are available in Denver, Colorado. Skype sessions are also available and are equally effective.


We look forward to connecting and answering any questions you may have.


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