Measuring BrainThe Whole Person Approach to Weight Loss

Quit dieting and tune-up  your brain!

Hypnotherapist and Brain Nutrition Counselor, Victoria Bresee introduces a holistic approach to weight loss.  Learn your brain type to understand what kind of eater you are and find out which foods and natural supplements will help you keep off the pounds. Balancing your brain chemistry will make it easier to lose weight, reduce stress and increase energy levels.   The workshop ends with a deep visualization session—seeing the new you in your mind’s eye will motivate you to spontaneously make healthier choices.

Facilitator:   Victoria Bresee, MA, MAR, CHt, CBN has a Master’s of Religion from Iliff School of Theology. She also holds certificates in Brain Nutrition Counseling and in Hypnotherapy.

Saturday, Jan. 15, 10AM-Noon at the People House-3035 W. 25th Ave., Denver 80211

Cost: $12      Pre-registration required.

Call 720-515-8411 to reserve your space.