Now that it’s New Year’s there are posts galore on how to overcome all of our unhealthy habits and issues.  In one- How to Quit Smoking — 10 Creative Ways Smokers Finally Kicked the Habit , solutions that actually worked (at least for the person sharing the tip), range from eating dog biscuits to drinking baking  soda. The article has some great tips and related info, but what I found interesting was how a psychologist who was studying hypnosis quit smoking. She practiced on a friend at a New Year’s party and then realized a week later that even though she had a pack-a-day habit, that she herself hadn’t smoked since then. Thirty years later she is still cigarette-free.woman smoking cigarette240wy062810

While the Technologies of the Self’s Smoking Cessation Program is very effective, and  most people can quit at the first session, I don’t smoke. I did have a similar experience to the therapist, though,  when my first client went through our 8 week weight loss program.  I lost 15 pounds immediately! Evidently while guiding her to visualize her new healthy body, I was affecting my own subconscious.

Well, it sure shows the power of the mind! What I like most about using hypnosis to change behaviors is that it doesn’t depend on will-power. In these two cases, it even worked indirectly, second-hand. I love that. Instead of second-hand smoke, second-hand smoking cessation!

Clients say that without even thinking about their issue, they realize that they are no longer even attracted to what they are wanting to avoid, the change happens spontaneously!

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