It looks like we need to look at the BIG picture, when we go to our favorite organic grocers.  What does it cost in petroleum and other dangers to the environment?  “In the UK, researchers calculate that purchasing food grown within a 12-mile radius has a greater positive impact than buying organic food that is not local, substantially lowering the environmental cleanup costs from $2.3 billion per year to under $230 million.  That’s a 90% savings!”

To start off, we do not need spring and summer fruits during the winter, in fact, there is substantial evidence that it is healthier to eat according to our own environment’s seasons and personal bio- rhythms.

Of course, we may be more concerned with the immediate effects of pesticides and decreased nutrition for our own selves and families.  The best case scenario would be local AND organic.  Let’s definitely push for that in our own communities.  But, as an example of the broader issue—

“In one year, the port of New York City exported $431,000 of California almonds to Italy and imported $397,000 of Italian almonds to the U.S.  That’s nuts!”