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The great postmodern philosopher Gilles Deleuze once said that “a theory is like a box of tools.”  If there is a tool in the box that is useful to you at the moment, pick it up and use it.

If not?  Pack the tools away and stick them in the attic.

After years of academic and exploratory research, we have uncovered and borrowed many of the most effective and dramatic techniques of self transformation from East and West, from ancient Greece to the present.

Our goal is not to provide a single coherent philosophy and set of practices for all people, but instead to make available a wealth of discrete strategies for personal growth that will make life more beautiful and artful, and will lead to power, freedom, joy and pleasure.

Contact us now for a full life coaching experience and begin to enjoy all that life has to offer, whether you are learning to win in business, or to relax and let your hair down in your off time.

We have 2 conveniently located offices in Denver, but hypno-coaching is just as effective by phone.

The initial consultation is complimentary.  Find out how hypnotherapy can help you to reach your goals. Clients have had great success with our Success is not an Accident Program.

Email Victoria for more information:  [email protected] or call 720-202-3078.