A healing experience-

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2-4:30 pm, at the People House

Ancient mystery schools of Rome, Athens, Egypt, India, China and Tibet used sound as a therapeutic tool, based upon the belief that vibration is the fundamental creative force of the universe.  According to Jonathan Goldman, “the human body may be metaphorically understood as an orchestra, with each organ, bone, tissue and part having a resonant frequency.”  Come to experience an orchestra of sound within your own body. After a brief discussion of frequency, entrainment, and cymatics, you will have the opportunity to play crystal healing bowls, work with tuning forks, listen to Tibetan Bowls, and learn to tone with the sounds from your own throat.  Each participant will be able to enter into a healing space and to have bowls played on his or her body which will become filled with vibration.

Facilitator:   Victoria Bresee, MA, MAR, CHt, CBNhas a Master’s of Religion from Iliff School of Theology. She also holds certificates in Brain Nutrition Counseling, from the Brain Optimization Institute, and in Hypnotherapy, from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Cost: $20   Pre-registration required.

Registration/Information:  Victoria@technologiesoftheself.org or call 720-460-0758.